My Poor Guardian Angel(s)

Do you believe in guardian angels? Do angels really rescue people?

I remember this painting or print that my grandmother had in her living room. The evangelist Billy Graham even answered the above question with this quote from the Bible: “God will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11).

llindberg-heilige schutzengel
Guardian angel with children crossing bridge.

I seem to have started my acquaintance with angels at an early age. I wrote previously about hanging myself at the age of 6. My intention was to see what being hung felt like. I didn’t know it could kill me.

I can’t help but think that a guardian angel protected me from death long enough for my sister to see me hanging, run inside, yell over the Dutch door at the top of the stairs for our mother, then for our mother to run up the stairs and rescue me. If Dawn had been one second later calling for our mother, her calls would have been inaudible over the noisy washing machine.

Thankfully mother heard Dawn’s calls and got there in time. And not a moment too soon! I don’t remember anything after trying to reach the swing with my foot unsuccessfully! Someone was watching out for me.

Am I Just Lucky?

My husband once told me, “It’s not fair that you are so lucky!” He used this analogy about his luck versus mine: If there was a bear in a dark room and I went in, not knowing the bear was there, I would exit on the other side of the room badly mauled. But if you went in under the same circumstances, you would exit on the other side of the room and when told about the bear, you would say incredulously: “There was a bear in there???”

Bad things have happened to me, just like everyone else. But for some reason my life has been spared. I hope it is because I have a purpose to fulfill yet.

I almost died when I had abdominal surgery. I had been on a medicine that prevented extra heartbeats from occurring which also slowed and regulated my heart. While the surgeon was operating, my heart slowed way down. The anesthesiologist quickly gave me a drug to counter the effects of the medicine and speed my ticker back up again. Boy was I surprised to hear about that afterward!

My life was spared yet again many years ago after working a 12 hour night shift in ICU, I came home to find that my baby boy and husband were quite sick from a virus. I think they had been vomiting so they both needed my help at least for the first part of the day after I got home. They seemed to improve as the day wore on.

After finding that there was no one who could work for me that night, I slept only about two or three hours. Being young and foolish I thought I could work another 12 hour shift and drive the 20 or thirty minute drive back home in the morning.

The next morning after working 12 hours, I, in my stuporous condition, was not thinking very clearly. I was dozing off  and on while driving along the four lane highway to home. Thankfully we lived near a small city and the road was not very busy at that time of the morning. The weaving got worse as I drove down the last part of the trip on a two lane country road to our home. I kept thinking I could make this last little part of the trip okay.

But I literally lost consciousness while driving and awoke seconds later when I realized that my car was driving down a ditch on the right side of the road at a seemingly high speed! I jerked the steering wheel to get out of the ditch and crossed the road but couldn’t straighten the wheel after that. The steering wheel (?) was jammed.

I continued at a 45 degree angle across the road, passed over the opposite ditch. I do not remember it but one side of my tire tracks were visible on the telephone pole that I evidently rolled across while the car was on two wheels! I have no idea how that happened!

Somehow the car continued another 20-30 feet. When I saw a tree right in front of me and my out of control car was hurtling toward it, I remember thinking quite calmly, “Okay, Lord. This is it.” I have always felt close to God and felt prepared for the eventuality that I would die some day.

I missed the tree trunk by inches and hurtled another twenty or so feet into the corner of a brick house. I had my seat belt on or I would have been thrown into the building! I was still alive!

After I turned off the highway a woman had been driving behind me and saw everything. She knew I was in trouble and was horrified as she watched everything happening. After the crash, she ran to my car worried that I would be dead when she got to me. But I was quite alive, just shaken up.

The owner of the house ran out of the house terrified thinking due to the impact of my car hitting his house, that a transfer truck had run off the road and hit his corner room where he was vacuuming! He was amazed to see only me and the car outside.

Thankfully only twenty bricks in the corner of his home were damaged and needed replacing. I was unharmed; no scratches, no bruises.  My car was totaled. I called the insurance company and the nice lady drove me the few blocks to my home. My husband left me to go back to the accident to handle questions, etc.

The weird thing is I had no control of the car once it left the road. Someone was driving it for me or guiding it. It was just not my time to die. I believe I gave my guardian angel quite a scare that day.

In the future if I got sleepy I drank some coffee or pulled off the road to take a quick nap! Perhaps that accident was the wake up call to prevent another worse accident later. I made an effort to try to get plenty of sleep before working after that. My husband did his best to see that I did too. I am thankful that I was spared that day.

Have you had an accident where you felt protected by someone? Please respond if you feel inclined to. No judgments made here!

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22 thoughts on “My Poor Guardian Angel(s)

  1. You have had quite amazing experiences. You know, I think God intervenes in our lives in such a way that gives a believing heart assurance of His mercy and yet the unbelieving heart uncertainty such that he can have a freewill to render His interventions to mere chance.

    I struggle with knowing which is which sometimes, but it helps to know that there is someone who believes God intervenes in our lives. Thank you so much!

    I have felt presence of a guardian angel in my life many times. You know, when I arrived in India for my university education, all my documentation,including High School certificates, passport and VISA were stolen? This was the closest I had come to studying university education. My parents could not afford me education and I had been selected for a full scholarship in India. I felt like life had cheated on me and that God hated me somehow because of my shortcomings. My short term memory is not that good but I managed to recall a name tag of the person who had stolen my bagpack whilst I slept in a Railway lounge. In India there are more than a billion people and you can find so many people with the same name (Karan Singh was the name of the person and I have come to know that it is one of the most common names in india) and yet all my documents were recovered just when the talk that I could be deported started and just in time for the due date of registration with my new university.

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    1. Thank you. I am glad I might have been of help. One of my blogs might help explain some of how things work out differently than we want them to. Check out “The Road to Understanding.” Short link
      I try to look at roadblocks, problems, bad experiences, (after an initial “freak out,”) as a lesson or challenge. After the problems and stresses I went through in my 37 year marriage,I can look back and see that though it was often emotionally painful, it shaped me, gave me strength, confidence and it gave me experiential wisdom that I can offer to others. Part of it is faith, part optimism, part acceptance of things I can not change. Best wishes to you, Herbert.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this, and I love the way that you write–I, too, have guardian angels–probably MANY of them! LOL There is no other explanation for why I am still around. I also have a bit of a psychic nature….it freaks my kids out a bit…and my husband does not like to admit that I have it! HAHAHA, but sometimes he cannot help but admit it. It does come and go. My G.A.’s and all the other stuff have helped me, though, as I have come to question every single thing I was taught growing up–as I have grown older. Thank you for sharing yours! I look forward to going back and reading more of your blog posts.

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    1. Thank you for sharing about your psychic ability and guardian angels. I would love to know where you got your amazing sense of humor! Lol. I really appreciate that you enjoyed my story and even want to read more! Wow! You just warmed up my cold dreary(outdoors) day. I will be reading more of yours too after I rest my eyes!!

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      1. Thank you❤️ I think my sense of huge mixture of humor and extreme sarcasm😜, which I get in large doses from both of my parents, though I am not sure if either of them know it! I look forward to reading more of yours when I can sit down with my computer and be left alone for more than 5 minutes! Hopefully later today!!

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  3. I am a believer. There have been many times, but the one that stands out is similar to yours. I drove every Friday night for a few months on a highway out of Philadelphia and usually fell asleep at the wheel, at 60 mph in heavy traffic, due to severe sleep deficit. I always made it home the 40 miles, something other than a car horn would wake me up in time. You have so many severe circumstances, thanks for sharing them, Elaine.

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  4. Very interesting to read this post and learn of your experiences. I also believe in a “guardian” although I do not have a picture in my mind of her/him/it. I have been saved twice in my life from terminal illness and have had other near misses as well. Sometimes I wonder why I have been spared. Am I supposed to do something? Is there some way I can help others? In the meantime I just carry on and think that perhaps the “purpose” for my being saved will just become clear or maybe it is enough that I am still here. Thanks for this post it was good to know you have had these experiences.

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    1. Thank you Anne. I think we all have a purpose to be here. Find what you love and help others through sharing it. Something tells me you are already doing this with your blog, your love from horses and your photography. There is a saying, “They also serve who stand and wait.” Whatever you do, do it with love and Dedication and you will see the fruits of your labor in those around you. Hugs!

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  5. While I believe some believe are “luckier” than others (mostly for raffles and lotteries), I also think that it’s an attitude. You have had a lot of negative things happen to you but you’re positive always looking for the silver lining. Someone else would wallow in “unluckiness.” The angels may have been with you but they are also with those people who feel they are unlucky. Your husband was extremely lucky he married you!

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    1. Kate, thank you. That is one of the best compliments I’ve ever had and means so much to me!! I agree that attitude has a lot to do with my life. My parents always woke us up in the morning with “Rise and Shine!” Let’s just say I rarely had trouble waking up and feeling happy and thankful. I believe there are angels too who help everyone, whether they know it or not. Things could always be worse.
      But when things do go wrong we can try to learn from them when possible. Life is to help us grow and learn to love ourselves, our families, neighbors, and world, including the critters who share it with us.

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  6. Angels may just be a name that some use based on their religion or faith. Whether they have wings or not, isn’t as important as knowing that somewhere, someone bigger,more powerful, and wiser knows we are here and helps us through hard times, comforts us through others around us and through these amazing beings some call angels, some call guides, or whatever. The name is not important as long as we know we are loved. Those are my beliefs and I respect any other belief that is loving, kind and positive. Hope this helps. Thank you for your comments ❤️.

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  7. There was a time when I used to have accidents every year. If nothing happened I would get jittery I was so used to it. I concluded that Iwas just accident prone. There was no other explanation for it. No major ones but these would happen.

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