Just Do IT!

Wet clothes from swimming in the ocean.
No swimsuit? No problem!!

1. I try to live each day to the fullest. Granted everyone needs a day off from “doing” things. Everyone needs a day to unwind, relax and turn the stress off. Slowing down and using all of your senses enables us to enjoy whatever beauty there is to enjoy more fully.

  2. Keep a sense of gratitude and have a heartfelt appreciation for the good things of this life. A grateful mind increases levels of dopamine and serotonin (also found in antidepressants) in the brain!

3. Keep your inner child alive and healthy. I never gave up my first childhood. I figured why end the first one if a second childhood is coming later. People think I am in my 50’s. I am 71. I rarely use make up, so what you see is what you get.

Tree Hugger

When we are starting our second childhood, (I mean that in a good way), why not learn from children how to have fun. They get together with other kids; play games; notice their world through eyes of amazement as it is the first time for them; see beauty, hear music, touch their environment and explore it.

Get together with other people of any age. Share your stories and listen to theirs. Play card games, dominoes, bridge or whatever is fun to you.

4. Look at the world using all of your senses, especially in nature, like you were seeing it for the first time. You may find some beauty or something of interest you never noticed before. Sit in a yard full of grass or just weeds. Now look around you on the ground. What do you see? If you see some little bug, follow its path and see what it is up to.

My mother at 82 years old, three years before her death.
My mother at 82 years old.

  5. Do something everyday that brings you joy: water your plants; grow orchids; take naps with your cat; walk your dog; go somewhere different to eat lunch or supper or even breakfast. Did you know you and a friend can eat together even 6 feet apart in case of a pandemic?

Two friends eating breakfast with social distancing.

There are gazebos, unused long picnic tables, or even sitting in your cars with a parking space or less between you. If one of you sits in the passenger seat of their car and you pull in beside theirs you are at least 6 feet away. In social distancing times you may still be able to visit a museum? There are so many wonders to see and learn about.

6. If you can’t walk, rent a wheelchair or a motorized scooter for adults. If you can’t hear, get hearing aids. If your eyes are failing, get glasses or, if possible, have surgery. There are so many wonders you are missing!!

7. If you are home-bound get books from the library, or listen to music or books on CD’s or find an app for your phone or computer where you can hear audio books.

The point is: do what you can, to make each day into one filled with whatever good things there are to enjoy. Stay connected to your world with your brain, your senses and your activities. Be with people who love you even if you can’t sit side by side.

If no one loves you, make new friends! Be lovable; be where people are and be a friend. Lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. Say hello, to strangers when you feel comfortable doing so, or just smile at a stranger. You just might make a new friend.

Stop just sitting around the house moping! Just Do Something Fun!

18 thoughts on “Just Do IT!

  1. Great post I love it! You always have good advice and encouraging blog posts. I enjoy watching everything in nature. I go out every day that the weather allows and see what all is crawling, flying or walking around. I have oodles of lizards and anoles and the babies are so much fun to watch. You and I could have a great time together. 🙂

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