What Are We To Do???

I tried to write a piece to express my feelings of helplessness concerning the virus, the hatred, the losses, destruction and suffering from the recent tornadoes, the violence and the potential future we are heading for. But then I wanted to offer encouragement and help with ideas for what we could do. However I was … More What Are We To Do???

Nursing Then And Now: Some Surprising Similarities and Differences

I started my nursing career in 1972. I worked in hospitals from South Carolina to New Orleans, to Mississippi, to Western and Eastern North Carolina. After 38 years of nursing (17 years of that in ICU/CCUs) I consider myself an expert on how the nursing field has changed. I retired in 2012. In 1972 we used … More Nursing Then And Now: Some Surprising Similarities and Differences

No Why!

I grew up in Greenville South Carolina. I lived there 22 years of my life. Our parents were good loving people. When I was a child, my family lived on the corner of an active street and an area designated for “colored” people to live. We had a very nice, older gentleman and his wife … More No Why!

Norie Understands

Norie is my thirteen year old, black cat. As two old gals, we pretty much understand how to live together. I have always tried to learn and respect her likes and dislikes. I also never try to scare her or lie to her; so she trusts me. If I accidentally step on her tail or … More Norie Understands

Norie and Toys

I am frequently amused by my cat, Norie’s rather prejudicial opinions of the toys I bought for her. Because she is a pretty smart, slightly chubby cat I aimed for mentally and physically challenging toys. Unfortunately I have failed multilpe times to engage her interest after a brief period of peaking her curiosity. The successes … More Norie and Toys