Wake Up!!

Strangely I have a memory from when I was a teenager spending the night at my grandmother’s farm. I awoke to see a black cat sitting by my head, curiously staring down at me, the strange person, sleeping on her mistress’s couch. It was Inky, an indoor/outdoor cat, who was friendly and loved by my … More Wake Up!!


Have you ever had a close friendship with someone but lost touch with them over the years? One of you moves away, gets too busy to write, or even call. You feel sad that all of those memories of shared experiences fade in your memory and evidently theirs too. So after a few years of … More Coincidences?


Sorry I haven’t written much lately. I have had some back issues and am learning to deal with chronic back problems. Will restart again soon. I will be working on some new stories too. Take care and keep an eye open for something new here. Thanks for following my blog!!

Resolutions And Thanks

Writing for me started when I connected with a group of people from diverse backgrounds on a community chat site. We shared our experiences, questions about anything from safe travel routes on icy roads, to what insect was eating someone’s hibiscus flowers over night. We shared funny stories, family events and supported each other when … More Resolutions And Thanks