I Love Trees

I am, and have been for a long time a “tree hugger.” Being a teenager in the 60s, I was a “flower child” of sorts. I loved living things and nature.  I have always had a special bond with trees. Trees are a life form I love and respect. These sentinels of nature have “seen” history … More I Love Trees

Access to Knowledge

I love to learn! When I was growing up we had a library of different topics in our home. We could borrow books from the public library too, about any subject we were curious about. I get excited when I learn things. Knowledge is the key that unlocks so many doors! Knowledge is the bridge … More Access to Knowledge

The Beauty of Birds

These are my photos of a variety of birds. They have such variety in color, ability,  sounds, appearance and lifestyles. With their colorful plumage, enchanting songs and nest building customs, they are a fascinating, joyful presence in my world.

Winter Beauty

One of my four favorite seasons is winter. (Yes, for various reasons, I love each one.) Recently much of the South was hit by various levels of snow, and freezing temperatures. North Carolina got varying levels of snow which was above the average for a year. Snow, to me, is part of the Christmas season. … More Winter Beauty