Understanding Cat Body Language

My article was first posted on Candid Slice about Norie’s advice on teaching me how to understand feline body language. http://www.candidslice.com/cat-confessions-body-language-training-for-humans/ Hi, this is Norie speaking. I am the black cat with the coat of thick, luxurious, short hair. I live with my Mommy in a condo…something or other. We have a lovely screened in porch … More Understanding Cat Body Language

Cats of Beauty

And now for something a little different. Having had two cats and a love of beauty in most of what I see, l thought I would share these fine, feline photos. Can you tell that I love cats? I have shared pictures of my two already but will share one of each at the end … More Cats of Beauty

Seven Strategies For Single Senior Survival

This post is also published by Candid Slice at  http://www.candidslice.com/seven-survival-strategies-for-the-single-senior/ As a sixty-eight year young Successful Single Senior Survivor, I offer these six strategies to help add quality to your Single Senior living. These suggestions are for Seniors who are active and independent. Becoming a Senior citizen often involves difficult adjustments in our lives. Long … More Seven Strategies For Single Senior Survival

Little Panther’s Opinions on Cat Toys

Originally this post was published on Candid Slice, for whom I have written many articles. http://www.candidslice.com/cat-toys-advice-straight-from-the-cats-mouth/ Hello, I am Norie, an intelligent black pantherette. Please indulge me a few moments of your time. I have decided that pet owners need more education on what toys we felines truly enjoy. During my life I’ve made some observations that … More Little Panther’s Opinions on Cat Toys