I wrote a blog post last year about being aware of the world around us and the pleasures of awareness of the parts of our lives, no matter how small, and how much joy could be found from living in the moment more fully by using our senses.

A dear friend of mine, Morag Noffke, wrote the following, which also reminds us to be aware of other things we encounter. I did not include the lovely pictures she used. I do apologize, my Friend. I thank you Morag for letting me share your lovely verses. Here is the link to her site where you can see the lovely pictures. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/106058620/posts/3008992956

Shshsh.... Walking with my senses

I walk,
I breathe
I smell the sweet scent
of jasmine and nasturtium
filling the air over the breeze
on a warm spring day while
I listen
to the chirp
and the warble of the bird calls
high up in the forest trees.
I see
butterflies wafting to and fro
in the morning glow
of the wide open fields.
I breathe
as I drink from the freshness
and all this revives my soul.
I choose
to walk my body in movement.
I celebrate
and am grateful
for such wonderful choices
such beautiful places
for my Soul to enjoy.
The croak of the frog,
the buzz of the bee
and the flicker of the dragonfly
greet me
with a smile as
I bathe
in the forest experience.

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