2016, What a Great Year!

This year has been amazing! So many wonderful changes and events! I passed the 65th year of my life and am still alive and kicking. I am thankful that I can be active and enjoy my family and friends. I am so thankful for the “Big” family I grew up with and the family I now claim as my “Little” family.

I still have all of my faculties, although I may have one or two screws loose already. These are some of the milepost events of my life from 2016.

First Major Event 

On February 16 the adoption of my second son, DP, was finalized. DP and my first son, ME, were friends in high school. They had similar interests and have called each other brother for many years. At DP and CP’s wedding over 12 years ago,  ME was DP’s Best Man. With the long history of love between he and his wife and my family; and since my husband, who passed away 7 years ago, taught David a lot about life, studying and learning, I wanted him and his wife to be a part of my family some day, as much as they wanted to be a part of it.

My second son and my daughter in law.
David and Cara Perdue

DP’s life as a child was extremely hard but started changing for the best when he met and married CP, a wonderful young woman. They have treated me as a mother/mother in law just as I have treated them like my own kids. Each of them has worked hard to earn their master’s degrees. DP’s wife has her doctorate and DP has certifications for a Data Base Analyst. I am very proud of them.

They are wonderful additions to my family. Since his biological father and mother passed away over 5 years ago, I formally adopted DP. I love him and his amazing wife very much and am so delighted with the second event they brought into my life this year.

Second Major Event

My Grandson, Leo
Leo at 8 months

On March 18th  DP and his wonderful wife, gave birth to a new little person, LP, who is the joy of his parent’s lives, not to mention mine! They both care for him and spend lots of time cuddling and enjoying his developing personality. They live an hour and a half away from me but we manage to get together about once a month at least. DP and CP are great parents. Watching this little person grow and develop is one of my favorite pastimes already. LP is 8 1/2 months old.

Third Major Event   

September 29 this year, my first son, ME, married an amazing woman, CNP, from Puerto Rico. They started dating when she was in her last year at North Carolina State University’s Veterinary College. She is a practicing vet and a wonderful wife to ME. I see so much compatibility, camaraderie, humor, genuine love and understanding between them. It does my heart good to know they will always take good care of each other. Their wedding was beautiful and I am so thankful that they met and married. DP served as Best Man at their wedding too.

They take care of each other. CNP leaves early in the morning to go to the office. ME goes off to work at 10 in the morning and frequently leaves a crock pot cooking for CNP’s evening meal when she returns. He returns later that evening on his work days to share some time with her.

He has become such a good cook that the staff where CNP works asks for samples! I thought he would never learn how to cook, but he did!!

Wedding picture
Mike and Ceci

General Loose Ends (or The Loose end)

Since I am retired I have lots of time to do as I please. I stay busy visiting with friends, volunteering at the Cat Angel Thrift Store, and keeping up with everyone. My hobbies include my blog, joyful2beeblogs.com, Sudoku and reading on my Kindle. I eat out or go see a movie often. I enrolled in a gym and hope to get more exercise. Staying in touch with various relatives and friends on Facebook is a favorite pastime.

Living with two cats keeps me busy too. One cat, Norie, (the black one) has asthma and has to use an inhaler. She is 7 years old and drives her 8 year old companion, Sister, crazy. They tolerate each other but may be found sitting side by side looking out the window. Sister has less life threatening problems but does require medicine as well.  They both keep me company, entertain me, keep me busy, provide me with someone who needs me on a daily basis and gives me lots of love.

Sister in sunshine.
Sister in sunshine.
Black cat on her back in the sunshine.
Norie enjoying the sunlight on the porch.



I love photographing beauty where ever I find it with my cell phone camera most often. I love beauty in many shapes, sizes, colors and life forms. But I also see beauty in structures too. Some of my photographs can also be found on my website http://www.joyful2beeblogs.com and some on my Facebook page. Through my blog I hope to make the world a little better by sharing stories of inspiration, humor, wisdom, knowledge and life stories.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I wish for each of you joy, peace and love. Remember those who are less fortunate than you are and do good things in your life.

Joyful2bee MEE
Joyful2bee MEE

4 thoughts on “2016, What a Great Year!

  1. You have had a wonderful year, that gives you many memories to enjoy in the coming years.
    Blessings to you and your perfect family. May the joy’s of Christmas, and the time spend with your family bring you even greater joys to remember in the coming years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bernadette. I am happy to be a part of your group. I enjoyed getting to know you better too. Meeting the other bloggers through their blogs has been a delight too. Blessings on you during this wonderful Christmas Season.

      Liked by 1 person

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