Poem of Truth

Sunshine, ocean and sand!
Sunshine, ocean and sand!

I saw this wonderful verse by Meno Lopes this morning. I was so touched by the truth of this that I asked his permission to share it. He kindly gave me permission. Thank you, Meno Lopes.

~ All that life has done,
all the energy that life has spent,
was spent creating more of itself
through light,
and you,
you are a glorious piece of that light,
made from all the ingredients
of this beautiful garden.

Without life giving away its light,
you would not be possible.
Return the favour today
and give your light away.

Make those around you see their sun,
where they once saw clouds.

Believe in others so much,
that they begin to believe in
the light that’s within themselves.

When you see others,
see and understand their darkness
as well as their light,
and still love them
for who they truly are ~

~ Meno ~

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